your business with a unique product
*EU Laboratories Proven
(BFE) 99,9%
HIGHEST BACTERIAL FILTRATION EFFICIENCY (BFE) ≥ 99.9% using Biosilver nonwoven layer
of extreme protection

NANO MASK neutralizes pathogens, preventing their accumulation

self-cleaning fabric
NANO MASK contain Biosilver, which is produced in the largest Russian national virological center, the creator of the Covid-19 vaccine EpiVacCorona
- Bactericidal masks with silver particles

- Exporter 2020 Award in two categories
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13 patents granted
Antimicrobial, antiviral activity, as well as the properties and characteristics of Biosilver, have been repeatedly tested by independent teams of scientists around the world
NANO MASK - is a unique product certified in 32 countries, developed by scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The NANO MASK HEALTHMONITOR® franchise provides international expertise in biotechnologies, proven marketing tools, maximum return on investment and comprehensive franchisee support.
We are in MEdia
Fast start.

The opportunity to make money on a unique and demanded product that has no competitors.
Small investment.

Lump-sum contribution - 2500 euros. Including 2200 euros for the purchase of products at a wholesale price.
Exclusive partner rights in the region. (Except cities with a population more 2 million)

Your own page on the company's website, with the ability to accept payment. Advertising support in your area.
the Nano Mask franchise is:
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highly demanded product line
A unique product that has no analogues
Only 1 franchisee per region, several in a city with a population of 2 million or more.
Small initial investment with broad growth prospects. (the criterion of effectiveness is only your activity)
The high quality of the product is confirmed by the EU, Russia certificate and approved in 32 countries
Clear business model, low royalties - € 300 / month
No investment in business infrastructure (without renting premises, special warehouses, etc.). Full advertising support by our specialists.
partner duties:
Organize your own warehouse and delivery of products to customers in your region.
Interact with medical centers and organizations in your region, present products for testing.
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And also you get a priority queue in the production of your batch and the most favorable prices.
exclusive in your region
What does the NANO MASK franchise give?
You will be supported by an international team of NANO MASK marketing and sales specialists.
Team of experts
You receive all laboratory tests, certificates confirming the quality of products in several countries.
International medical trials
We provide PR support in the media, international exhibitions, medical conferences in different regions of the world.
PR support
Our specialists will contact you shortly after filling out the application.
documents preparation
Read all the documents in your personal account, prepare the necessary ones according to the list.
Agreement with NANO MASK
You get exclusive rights to distribute products in your area.
Receiving the goods
We send you the first batch of products and set up online advertising in your area.
NANO MASK in numbers
Approved for sale as a medical product in 32 countries.
More than 140 laboratory tests performed.
24/7 support service.
14 million masks were produced at the beginning of March 2021.
27 international exhibitions on four continents. 5 prestigious awards.
Registered legal entity
Lump-sum fee and monthly royalties
Lump-sum payment - 2500€.
Of these, 2,200 € are purchased products.
Royalties - 300€.

From 1 month
2200€ minimum permanent balance of products in the franchisee's warehouse.
conditions for cooperation
Additional fees

Compliance with HEALTHMONITOR® ethical standards
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What is included in the franchise package?
  • Products for sale - your starter package for earning;
  • Brand book - all information required for sales;
  • Advertising support, publications in the media, ready-made materials for distribution to medical centers and retail outlets;
  • Detailed instruction on the management of the trading process
What is your main product?
Our company SCIENTIFICCOIN LLC is the only industrial manufacturer of bactericidal medical masks.
Together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, we have developed a special coating for materials used in the production of medical masks. The patented technology based on human-safe silver particles imparts bactericidal properties to medical masks.
The solution used to make masks has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Bactericidal NANO MASK can be used for 12 hours, during which it retains its properties, unlike an ordinary mask, which requires replacement every 2-3 hours.
As a result of thorough laboratory tests, masks with biosilver showed the highest level of bactericidal filtration (BFE) - 99.9%.
NANO MASK are available in our warehouses in Italy, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.
In addition to bactericidal medical masks, the NANO MASK product line includes: Maskmaker spray, antibacterial gel, antibacterial spray, anti-virus filters for cars.
What are your competitive advantages?
  • unique products
  • proven business model
  • full sales support
  • minimum advertising costs
  • good PR, reliable scientific partners, frequent mention in the media
What are the costs of a franchisee at the stage of launching a franchise?
  • Lump-sum payment - 2500€ (first and only)
  • Monthly royalty - 300€
How many employees do I need?
It all depends on your region, in large populated regions, we recommend working with a team of 3 or more people - INNOVATIVE HEALTH-CHECK STATION

HUMAN EXHALATION CONTAINS MORE THAN 750 VOLATILE COMPOUNDS. By measuring the amount, concentration and ratio of gases released during breathing, we can make conclusions about metabolic changes and the presence of disease. - a freelance platform for researchers and scientific works - AN ECOSYSTEM FOR SCIENCE ENTREPRENEURSHIP
We are a Russian research and production company with branches in Italy and the Czech Republic. Our laboratory was formed in 2007, in the largest Russian scientific research city, Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk region) located in Siberia.
It was a Soviet Union analog of the Silicon Valley created in 1960. We have a wide experience in the various medical fields related to virology as well as biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics & data science.

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Italy, P.IVA: 04306660244

Scientificcoin LLC
Demakova, 23/ 5, 310, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630090


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Revenue from 3300€ per month*
* Based on the average regional sales revenue and the difference between wholesale and retail prices, taking into account statistics for a single-employee franchisee. Subject to monthly plans in accordance with the franchise agreement.
Genesis Capital Srls
Via 2 giugno, 6, 36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI)
Italy, P.IVA: 04306660244

Scientificcoin LLC
Demakova, 23/ 5, 310, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630090